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About Al-Khidr Home Company Who We Are - Al-Khidr & Associates Chartered Accountants. - Al-Khidr Auditing Office is a control and accounting company regulated by the financial authorities in the United Arab Emirates and also registered in the UAE official authorities, such as courts, public prosecution, free zones, major banks and arbitration centers. Our official languages are Arabic and English - Osoul Auditing has been established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates since 2002.
It offers its clients a wide range of professional services in several fields, such as legal accounting, auditing, consulting, expert witnesses, dispute support, case management, fraud examination, forensic accounting, liquidation, deregistration of companies, business setup, payroll and human resources management, Trademark registration and protection, personnel transfer. – The company also serves as the second largest world's international association; therefore, it is privileged to be part of a global team, further enhancing the quality of services.


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We provide a range of high-quality services such as legal accounting, liquidation and insolvency, value-added tax (VAT) accounting and consulting, financial audit and confirmation, expert witness, financial dispute support, preparing reports of court experts, dispute support case management, and fraud


  • Accounting expert reports

    If you suspect fraud or other financial or administrative irregularities within your company, or there is any commercial dispute that may compel you to obtain an accounting expert report, the company has an accounting system and a team of specialists in evaluation, verification and issuance of the necessary reports. By combining accounting and investigative expertise, the team gathers the evidence it needs to answer the toughest questions. We respond quickly and confidentially to resolve the most sensitive issues.

    Disputes, investigations, and litigation matters require sound evidence to build the strongest possible case. We have a team of specialists who can find accounting evidence that may not be of interest to some.

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  • Forensic accounting, fraud accounting and transgression examination services

    No company in the world is completely safe from a variety of internal and external threats such as fraud and misinformation. As such, it is really important for a company to perform forensic and fraud accounting services regularly to make sure everything is in order with their accounting and book keeping operations.
    Since fraud activities cannot be detected through regular accounting practices, more detailed, scientific and in-depth analyzes of various business transactions, activities and processes must be used.

    Since all these requirements require special skill and experience in this field, the business requires a highly qualified and experienced team to carry out such projects. If you are looking for a team that is fully prepared to do such work, then you are looking for AL KHADER & CO. –Chartered Accountants.
    First class forensic accounting and fraud accounting services in Dubai.
    The importance of forensic accounting and fraud accounting services
    While forensic and fraud accounting primarily aims to detect fraud in financial activities and business book keeping, it has a broader purpose of service,

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  • Adjustment and internal auditing

    The recruitment process of accounting staff in companies can be done wrongly, which puts the company's financial position and its accounts at potential risk. Most of the companies in the UAE usually make increased efforts to keep their accounts accurate due to the high level of accountants turnover. The specialized team of Accounting system Company can help companies reduce the hassle of obtaining accurate accounts in the company through regular weekly/monthly checks and audits of the accounting processes carried out by the company accountant.

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  • Accounting and bookkeeping

    The practices of Al Khader & Co
    For consulting, accounting consulting in the field of accounting and bookkeeping is recognized with professionalism nature through using clear and simple accounting rules. In the accounting department, highly qualified accountants and experts in the field of accounting and bookkeeping are working.  In-depth knowledge and know-how ensure safe and accurate operations within accounting standards in the MENA and GCC region. We provide consultancy services in this domain, helping you to comprehend the regulations, with using the modern methods to conduct our bookkeeping services. On the other hand, we're committed to provide innovative solutions that help to maximize performance in the processing of commercial transactions, billing, collection, accounting, commercial transactions, financial statement preparation and other critical fields to upgrade the role of the financial function in the Organization.

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  • Audit and review services

    Audit and review services- We, Al Khader & Co. Auditing Chartered Accountants-  is one among the companies that provide auditing and assurance services. It also among the top and leading companies in the United Arab Emirates. we provide our audit services to strengthen the financial and control systems to enable our clients to deal more effectively with their business situations, and adapt better with the variable rules and regulations, affecting their business operations. As for the reports, we provide our clients with financial statements in accordance with internationally accepted accounting and auditing standards, and update users with the most significant financial information required to enable them to make the best decisions.


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  • Liquidation and Insolvency

    We, AL KHADER & CO. –Chartered Accountants, are proud that we are one of the leading companies in the United Arab Emirates, specifically the Emirate of Dubai, in providing the services of the legal liquidator and cancel its registration, as we have experience for more than 20 years in that field, are qualified with an internal liquidator approved by courts in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the authorities of Dubai International Finance Centre in Dubai. The liquidation and deregistration of the company's procedures, especially the physical part, can be very complex and lengthy. We at AL KHADER & CO. can cancel your company registration in a smooth manner within a short period of time.
    Bankruptcy liquidation services
    Company liquidation and bankruptcy services in Dubai always require exceptional expertise and practical knowledge to ensure that the services are carried out as per the legal requirements of the same.
    Although it is a painful decision to dissolve or liquidate your company or its file for bankruptcy, you need to do so according to the established framework in the country for the business sector in which your business operates and the type of your company. It is often a confusing and complicated process that should only be carried out with a company that has previous experience in carrying out such operations to ensure that you can do it quickly without too many legal challenges
    We are AL KHADER & CO.- Chartered Accountants, can offer you the best company liquidation and bankruptcy services in Dubai according to your needs

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Are you looking for the best strategic partner for your financial and accounting matters?


Why outsourcing to accounting firms in Dubai?

Manage your business on new growth. ... outsourcing companies in the United Arab Emirates consist of the best certified accountants and auditors who keep their services.

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Why Outsource to Al khader & Co. Auditing Of Accounting.

As mentioned above, accounting and bookkeeping have important roles in a company. Regardless what kind of industry you belong in, it is always essential to have clear and straight business accounts.

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What are the missions of the accounting legal expert?

Choosing the Expert
Usually, the authorized experts do their expertise work and the available experts at the governmental authorities may be assigned to do the needed works. Also, the litigants may agree upon a certain expert but firstly, the Court shall acknowledge the same. In addition, the Court may choose a different expert provided that the reasons shall be stated in its decision. Assigning the Expert
Firstly, the Court requests from a number experts to submit their offers, provided that each offer shall include a statement of relevant works, the period needed to finish it
and to allocate his expenses and fees. After choosing one of the offers, the Court shall issue the assignment decision including a clear statement of the expert`s mission, the delegated powers and the urgent measures permitted for him, the definite date for submitting the report and the proceedings within 45 days starting from the issuance of assignment decision. This period may be extended for 30 days in case the expert is delegated by the Court itself. And after submitting the report, the Court shall set a date of the session determined for defense. The decision shall include the loan amount to be deposited for the expert`s fees and expenses, the date of its deposition and the litigant charged with that. In addition, the assignment decision shall allocate the amount entitled for the expert to withdraw from the deposited loan for his expenses and fees. Reply of the Expert
It is possible to depend on the same reasons which allow the judge to reply on the expert`s reply and submit a petition for the expert`s reply giving reasons for the court which assigned him. The expert shall report for the petition to reply on it within (5) days and the Court shall irrevocably decide its judgment within (5) days as of the expert`s reply. Besides, the request for the expert`s reply will not be accepted by the one who assigned him. Expert`s powers and obligations
The Court shall provide the expert with a copy of the assignment decision within (3)0 days of its issuance or the loan deposition and the expert is entitled to view the case documents and attachments and receive some of it by the court
permission.  He may ask for exemption within (5) days of the receipt of the assignment decision.
The expert may be a normal person or corporate body. For the implementation of his mission, he is entitled for choosing the persons whom are working for him and under his control and liability.  In addition, away from the urgent cases, the expert shall set a date to start his mission not exceeding (15) days from the date receiving the decision of assignment and the litigants shall be notified with that date before (7) days of the start of his work. Besides, if the expert failed in carrying out his mission or submitting the reports without a reasonable excuse, the Court may send him a notification within a period not exceeding (5) as of this failure. And in case he did not respond to the Court, he shall not complete the mission and the court shall request him to return the remaining amount of the loan and the useless expenses without prejudice to the questioning. Accordingly, the concerned parties are entitled to claim him for a compensation before the competent authorities.
The expert is entitled, only if he is permitted by the assignment decision, to observe and hear the testimonies of litigants and any other person whom he considers the necessity to do that. He is also entitled for inspection and ask for all the documents and things that he sees as necessary for implement his mission, whether from litigants or others. The Court, where appropriate. may oblige the litigants to do so according the expert`s request. Accordingly, the expert is committed to maintain the confidentiality of the information and data disclosed to him by virtue of the assigned mission, and this shall be applied whether during his work or even after the end of the said mission.
proceedings and Report of the Expert
The expert shall prepare a proceeding which includes the implemented works and the persons` testimonies and signatures, the presence or absence of litigants and their representatives and their signed notes. Afterwards, he shall prepare a signed report including the assignment decision, its date, statement of the assigned mission, summary of the litigants' testimonies and their submitted documents and proofs, technical analysis of these documents by the expert, result of his implemented work and all the facts on which he based his opinion in a concise and clear manner. In addition, on the date set for the expert by the Court, he shall sufficiently submit the proceeding and report of his work to the litigants showing the time taken to carry out this work. He shall also report the litigants about the incurred expenses and fees and about the deposit within (24) hours. In case of multiple and different experts, the report shall separately include their opinions and reasons. In case the expert failed to submit the report and proceedings of work at the set date, he shall, before (7) days of the specific session, provide the Court with a memo including the implemented works and the reasons prevented him from completion. In this case, the Court shall give him a period not exceeding (30) days to submit his report if it is convinced with his justifications, the Court may also, according to its decision, hear the expert during the session without need for the report.
Authority of Expert works
The Court may summon the expert to discuss him about his report and it may also consult another expert about the included mistakes and points of weakness. When appropriate, it may assign a new expert for the same report and it shall provide him with the litigants` opinions concerning his proceedings or report for reply.
Except for the allegation of forgery, the facts proved by the expert shall not be challenged, whether proved by himself or by the concerned parties within the limits of what he authorized to prove. In case of disregarding the expert`s opinion, whether fully or partially, the Court shall explain the reasons beyond that. Estimating the Expert`s expenses and fees
When estimating the expert`s expenses and fees, the Court shall consider the costs needed to accomplish the mission and the estimating shall be upon agreement between the expert and litigants or upon the Court`s view, in which it shall consider the nature of the dispute, type of experience, the implemented works by the expert, the consumed duration, years of experience, the rareness of jurisdiction, the similar fees before the court and the value of the similar professional works.
The expert is entitled to get his expenses and fees from the deposited loan and if it is exceeded the deposited amount, the litigant who lost the claim shall incur it. So, the court`s judgment shall include the obligation to do so and the litigants shall incur the relative loss upon the value of loss for each of them. Finally, the court may, upon a proved decision during the session, deviate from the previous expertise procedures.

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The importance of using the external audit service?

The external audit service is defined as the service through which an opinion is expressed if the financial results at the end of the year give a true and fair view of the establishment’s business while ensuring that the procedures and laws approved in the establishment are executed, in another definition of the external audit service, which is referred to as that systematic process of obtaining evidence related to the elements indicating economic events, presenting them in an objective manner for the purpose of ensuring the degree of compatibility of these elements with international accounting standards and international financial reporting standards, and then deliver the results to the concerned parties.
We at Al KHADER & CO. Chartered Accountants offer the highest quality external audits in terms of quality, as we provide the external audit service in a risk-based audit method, through which we study all the risks of the establishment, do a comprehensive study of the accounting system to reach sufficient samples through examination we reach a sufficient professional conviction and opinion about the fair presentation of the financial statements, In addition to the above, we always provide with the audited financial statements report many important administrative reports of interest to managers and business owners, including comparative accounts reports by account and by classification, break-even point report, zakat report, financial ratio reports that include more than thirty financial ratios, financial failure prediction reports, and internal control defect reports that help administration to improve internal control tools to prevent fraud, theft and waste of establishment funds.

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What is bankruptcy and judicial liquidator in UAE?

It is for the company to declare that it is unable to fulfil its obligations to the creditors, and then the company will liquidate a judicial liquidator in the UAE all its property and bank accounts to pay the largest possible amount of these obligations and then exit the business market.
It is also known that it is a disturbance in the company’s financial conditions, entering into a debt cycle and inability to pay it, or the lack of profits for the company in the long term.
According to what was issued by the UAE legislator and stated in the Bankruptcy Law of 2016, there is another opportunity that the law provides for investors and business owners to advance their faltering businesses again, the objective of this law is to protect the creditor and debtor in accordance with procedures  that it is on the best interests of both parties, and it serves as a lifeline for those who face similar challenges in their business.

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Importance of consultant expert reports in Fraud Risk Examination?

Fraud is any intentional act or omission intended to deceive others, leading to loss of the victim and/or the perpetrator to make a gain. Regardless of culture, race, religion or any other factors, some individuals will be motivated to commit fraud.
All organizations are subject to fraud risks. Large frauds have led to the downfall of entire establishments, significant investment losses, significant legal costs, the imprisonment of key individuals, and the erosion of confidence in the capital markets. The fraudulent behavior published by senior executives has negatively affected the reputation, brands and images of many organizations around the world.
Fraud exists at different levels in every business
Fraud risk is measured in terms of 'consequence and probability'. Some risks will be accepted, unacceptable risks will be dealt with, but in order to assess risks, they must be identified,
We will work with company administration to:
- Reduce the chance of fraud by increasing employee awareness
- Increase the risk of detection through fraud prevention strategies
Accordingly, we at Al KHADER & CO assist you in auditing and submitting a consultant expert’s report on the fraud that occurred in your company and clarifying the shortcomings in the financial administration to avoid any attempt to happen again, we also provide you with all the consultations that upgrades the company’s financial administration.

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